Dress Code

Hair must be neatly back away from face. No jeans or extra layers worn in class.
Leggings, dance shorts, leotards, t-shirts and tights are all acceptable clothing!

Class Observation

Classes may be observed through the observation windows at any time. If you notice your child is not participating or is losing focus, please keep your observation time short.

Missed Class/Make up Policy

Any Missed Classes should be made up during the same month as the class missed. Please check with your teacher to find an appropriate make-up class.

Bad Weather

The studio will be closed on inclement weather days, as declared by Jefferson County school district. Please call the studio for a recorded message about studio closures. Studio snow days will be made up at the end of the year.


There will be no food, pop or gum allowed in the dance studio at any time. Water bottles are allowed during class.

Arrival & Dismissal

Please pick up your students promptly. Rand Dance Academy is not responsible for students before or after their class. Children will be unsupervised once the next class begins. Please inform the office or your teacher if you will be late picking up your child. Please be on time, classes start promptly.



Rand Dance Academy will not allow students to behave inappropriately during class. Please be kind and supportive to other dancers. Students should refrain from using bad language, bullying others, using inappropriate physical contact, or criticizing others. Please no gum, no stealing, no fighting, and no bad attitudes. If students are unable to conduct themselves according to these rules, they will be asked to leave the room.