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Core Beliefs

  • Our mission is to cultivate dancers of all ages to help them grow in their dance education through professional instruction that instills the artistic spirit of dance in a safe and progressive studio environment. Through this dance instruction and artistic experience, students will be prepared to express themselves through dance, seek professional dance careers, or accomplish alternative professions enhanced by their experiences at the academy.
  • Peaceful, kind studio.  No fighting and no bullying or negative comments about others. 
  • Dance is an art form that speaks to the spirit, not the ego.  This studio is aligned with beautiful dances that come from the heart. 
  • Support for everyone in the dance room.  Applauding good effort for your dance friends/team when they accomplish a goal or gain in their dance technique
  • A winning combination is 50/50.  That means 50% teacher/choreographer and 50% dancer.  We can train and give the movements and the dancer has to work hard, take it in, and create from that to present their talents. All of our teachers put our whole hearts into each student.
  • It is important that dancers from this studio are respectful: 1) to their teachers, 2) to each other, 3) to the dance form they are learning, i.e. ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop or contemporary - honoring each dance form and the history of each and all of the famous role models, 4) to the studio and the space that is provided for learning.